These days with the amount of time we spend on computers and the internet, it doesn’t take long from them to slow down and get bloated. A thorough tune-up requires more then just a disk clean so here is a list of some of the operations I perform when doing an onsite Tune-up:

Optimise startup and shutdown
Many different factors affect the speed at which your computer is able to start-up and shutdown. I take a look at all of them to make sure the processes are running as efficiently as possible.

Install Windows updates
Wit hoo many updates being released by Microsoft, many times does it conflict with you computer, and trouble shooting can be frustrating. I install all updates that ensure that your computer is running as smoothly as it should be.

Cleanup your desktop, quick launch and taskbar
Wondering why all of those pesky icons appear on your desktop or in your taskbar. I am here to help you understand why and get rid of the ones you don’t use or need.

Remove unwanted or old programs.
Often we forget how many old programs we may have sitting on our computer, working away in the background and using up our speed. This can slow the computer down. I’ll go through and remove any unwanted ones to speed up your computer and stop any annoying pop-ups.

Actually clean the computer.
As your computer gets older, the inside inevitably collects a heap of dust as the fans drag it into the case. This build up restricts the air flow inside which leads to it overheating and shortens the life of the machine.