Spent hours, days, weeks trying to work something out on your computer, tablet or home network. Tired of pulling your hair out and cursing at your device? Don’t worry – I’ve experienced it all. I have regular calls from wives who book me in because their husband is just not getting anywhere. You know, that program you have been using for years but suddenly it refuses to do what you want it to or that tablet that keeps disconnecting from the internet. Next time it happens, let me sort it out! I come out to troubleshoot both hardware and software problems and will either find a fix or recommend an alternate solution to your problem. Here are some of the things I do:

Troubleshoot your hardware
I diagnose faulty hardware that can be creating a number of issues for your computer. If your system seems unusually slow, you can’t view videos or it just doesn’t even turn on, I have the specific operations that pinpoint the problem and then suggests ways to fix it.

Replace or upgrade faulty hardware
If an old or faulty hardware component is diagnosed as the cause of your problems, I will advise wether is is worth replacing it or upgrading it with a faster one or buying a new one altogether.

Troubleshoot your software
There are so many software programs loaded on the typical computer, that many times they may not be set/up or configured in a way that they work properly, or they one day just stopped working. I am here to tell you this happens all the time and have trouble shooter tens of thousands of programs over the years that weren’t behaving themselves. Let me help you with yours.

Reinstall corrupt programs
Sometimes these programs are so broke that they ned to be complete removed and reinstalled from scratch. I am here to help get them working properly again.