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With the release of the more affordable Apple IMac, Now only $1349 AUD, Apple is now competing within the price range of every other PC (personal computer) manufacturer on the market.

I get a lot of phone calls from people who are looking to upgrade their existing computer and are needing some advice on what to do. Well folks, I have been working on PC’s for 20years and Macs for 15years and both are great for different needs.

Fortunately back in 2006 Mac changed over their CPU (Central Processing Unit) from their in-house apple PPC to Intel, which paved the way for more programs to run on the Mac. Although the operating system was different, the CUP architecture meant that it became easier for companies to reconfigure their Windows based programs to easily run on a Mac. This was a pivotal point in allowing Mac to go from specialist graphics based applications to applications people use daily.

So when I get asked the question, which computer should I get an Apple or a PC?. I ask them, what computer do you currently have?. Do you have a smart phone or tablet and what brand are these, and what will you be using it for? If you are in the market for an upgrade it pays to answer these questions first.

It helps to look at Apple and PC a little like a car, foe example; are you a Ford person or a Holden person? Because, while both Apple and PC are essentially computers, they both perform the same tasks, for the average user, like emails and Internet and word processing and picture management, their layout is just different.

In this day and age, with families using multiple devices like the iPhone and iPad, if someone already has even one of these devices, they are already part way to understanding the layout and idiosyncrasies of Apple. I would suggest transferring over to Apple, as it is easier sharing content between all of these devices if they are all on the Apple platform.

If you have a personal computer, or laptop, a HTC or Sony smart phone and a Samsung tablet, I would suggest that you keep with a Windows PC as the layout, once again, is similar across Android and Windows platforms.

If you have never picked up a computer before (and I have had a few phone calls like this) I would suggest you dive into the world of Apple, because even though it takes a little getting used to it is easier to navigate and more user friendly.

In my years of dealing with Apple and PC, I rarely get a call with an Apple problem, a hardware issue or even a virus problem. I have an Apple laptop my youngest is still using and it’s almost 10 years old.

But this is just my humble opinion. If you are having any trouble with either, my details are below an I am happy to assist. I am ambidextrous when it comes to computers!

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