Has Santa bought you a new computer or device this Christmas?

This festive season, many people buy new computers. I should know, because I get a lot of phone calls asking my advice on what to buy.

So I though I would put together a list of My Top 5 Things to consider when buying a computer or device this Christmas

Laptop or desktop? Mac or Windows? I could write a book about this subject. As the majority of people out there are still buying Windows desktop or laptop computers with Windows, this will be my main focus.

  1. Identify why you are buying your computer. Is it just to check your emails, type a few letters, store your photos or surf the Internet? Computers that would suit this type of use generally have a fast CPU, called an Intel I3 or I5, 4GB of RAM as a minimum, and 500GB of storage. There are many brands to choose from, stick with reputable manufacturer if you are unsure. The old adage ’you get what you pay for’ rings very loudly in the computer industry. Also, I suggest you support your local computer store, you will find they are just as competitive as the big retail stores and their knowledge and service will be invaluable for support after the purchase.
  1. If you already have a computer with a decent wide screen display, keyboard and mouse then consider reusing these with your new computer, but only if it’s compatible. Also consider if your printer, scanner and other peripherals will work with this new machines software.
  1. Make sure you buy a decent surge protector. It is a small expense, and may save you the cost of a replacement computer, especially during storm season.
  1. Look at what software comes with the computer; most computers only have the operating system installed. If you use Microsoft office, use internet security or other specialty software, be sure the software you have is compatible with your new computer, or you could be spending more for the upgrade then you originally thought.
  1. Lastly, when buying a new computer ask if they will transfer and set up your new computer for an additional cost. Setting up a new computer is a large task that is commonly underestimated. I provide this for many of my customers; it takes a few hours, but once I’ve finished, they look at me and just say ‘that would have taken me days or weeks…’

I hope this helps when you go out shopping.

Merry Christmas

Nathan Wellington

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