To NBN or not to NBN, that is the question.

I love the NBN – why? Because with all the headaches it’s giving people I have been inundated with so many calls from people asking me to come out and fix their issues. And it isn’t over yet.

It is a massive telecommunications rollout and it is not going smoothly. If you would like to find out if it is available to you, your first port of call is the internet. Go to

and check to see if it’s available in your area yet, and if it isn’t, you can register to be told when it is.

If it is available in your area, before you sign up, be aware of the type of service you are signing up for because the majority of connections include the changeover of your home phone line as well as your internet service. This means that your phone will be connected to your modem along with your computer, and this is quite inconvenient for those who have upwards of two phones in the house. There are NBN install technicians who can rewire your home so you can get more phone connections through the service, but it comes at a steep price.

If you have a, back to base security alarm, or a health monitor alarm, it is best that you first talk to these service providers to see if they are NBN compatible. When comparing ISP plans check to see if there are any hidden costs involved, for example, do they offer an NBN compatible modem in the monthly fee, or is that extra? What third party modems do they support? Do they need to install wireless NBN and if so, is that an extra charge?

If you are expecting a smooth transition from your ADSL service to the NBN, be ready for delays. I’ve known clients who’ve gone up to 9 days without either phone or internet. So make sure you have a contingency if this arises, i.e. use a mobile phone, or mobile internet just in case.

Lastly, on the Sunshine Coast there are many areas where the NBN speed has not improved from good ADSL or even mobile 4G speeds. If your expecting lightning speed, then you may need to be prepared to be disappointed. The NBN has a service guarantee at speeds of 12mpbs, 25mbps, 50mbps or 100mbps, so check which service you signed up for then check you are getting this speed. You can visit which will check your internet speed. If you aren’t getting what you paid for, lodge a complaint with your (Service Provider or ISP) to resolve the fault.

Be aware that even though you have changed over and it looks like everything is working well, be aware whilst they are changing over the NBN they are experiencing some massive outages, and it not only effects your internet it effects your phone.

After reading this far, you’re probably asking yourself, so why should I change to the NBN? Well everyone is going to have to change eventually as the fiber and wireless network replaces the current copper network. Although there are some major teething problems, these will all be overcome in time. If you are happy with your current plan and they are not planning to turn off the existing network in your area in the near future, then it may be best to hold out for a little while until they iron out some of the kinks.

If you are going to take the plunge, one of the biggest advantages is the stability. It may not be lightning fast but it does support excellent internet streaming, and this is a big advantage for utilizing internet television like Netflix, Stan and Pandora. There are also excellent niche channels that offer some great content. Google Chrome and Apple TV are also good alternatives for making your TV smart.

Many of my client’s shudder at the thought of dealing with telecommunications companies. I have heard horror stories of clients on the phone for hours and even days trying to get their problems sorted out. If you are in this category, you’re not alone. I deal with telco’s daily on behalf of many of my clients. So if you are having trouble, give your local technician a call it may be worth the fee to get them to sort it out for you, or if you don’t have a technician you can always give me a call.



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