Removing Annoying Internet Pop Up Ad’s.

How many times have you been browsing the Internet, when suddenly you get all these annoying pop ups appear around your screen. These annoying advertisements are trying to sell you juicers, or using fear tactics by telling you that you have 2300 viruses and you need to buy their security software.  Pop up ads are becoming very prolific around the internet, with many businesses resorting to any means of dubious marketing to capture the almighty dollar.

I think we have all had this problem at one time or another, on top of being annoying, some of them can be hard to get rid of But, with a couple of simple clicks, you can stop these pop ups from popping up and bothering you!

The first browser is Internet explorer, (it is the big blue E you press to open the internet). To enable pop up blocking, simply open up Internet Explorer and look for the ‘Tools’ button on the top right of your screen,  click on the ‘Options’ button and it will come up with a window, find the ‘Privacy’ tab, click on this, then look for, and check the box next to  ‘Block pop-ups’, (see below for what it will look like).

If you are using Google Chrome (looks like a colour wheel), Google usually blocks all pop-ups by default, but in any case you want to check, open Google Chrome, then go to the ‘Menu’ on the top of Google Chrome, (it is in different places depending on the version you have). Click on the ‘Settings’ button, then scroll to the bottom and click on ‘Show Advanced Settings’ find the box next to ‘Do not allow any site to show pop-ups’.

This is the first way to stop them. If this doesn’t resolve the problem then it starts to get a little more complicated, as they have usually downloaded some adware software that you need to find and uninstall. Even when you uninstall it, they hide registry hooks, that once you open your internet again, it downloads the same program again without you knowing. I would suggest you get a professional to clean your computer, as there is a number of procedures that need to be done in a specific order for them to be removed completely.

Happy surfing.


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