Laptop or Tablet?

Doesn’t it seem like we are constantly upgrading to new equipment? Many of my clients who have old computers that are on their last legs ask me what should I upgrade to? a laptop or a tablet?

Firstly, have a think about what you are really using your computer for. Are you checking your emails, surfing the internet, checking the weather, watching movies, or do you take a lot of photos while travelling around? If this were the case, you would definitely suit a tablet. Or do you type a lot of documents, spread sheets or presentations and need a larger screen and storage for all your media, then a laptop may best suit your needs.

Consider these points when weighing up your decision:

  • Laptops generally have around a 1-terabyte hard drive for storing documents, spreadsheets, photos, music and media. Whereas a tablet has on average 32-64gb of storage, so it doesn’t hold a lot of material.
  • A laptop has a larger screen to allow you to multitask with many windows open at once, whereas a tablet generally has a smaller screen to perform one task at a time.
  • A laptop has a keyboard and USB ports whereas tablets have onscreen keypads.
  • A tablet is easier to carry around, and more convenient for the person who just wants to check their emails, surf the internet or play some games. The touch screen is easier to navigate, and the amount of Apps you can download provide some amazing functions.
  • Consider as well if you want to print an email from a tablet, you will need a tablet compatible wireless printer.

If you’re not sure what to get, you may want to get both! Many people I talk to, buy a laptop as their main computer and do away with the old desktop tower, they then buy a tablet for their partner or they use it whilst are sitting on the couch watching TV or going on holiday.

The next question I am usually asked is, ‘Should I buy an iPad or Samsung tablet?’ or ‘Should I buy an Asus laptop or a MacBook Pro?’ If you are already using an iPhone, and are willing to learn, then look at the Apple products, but if you have always used Windows and have a Samsung phone then it may be best to keep with Windows. The home is becoming a wireless hub of multiple devices and Windows talk to Windows and Android well, and Apple talk to Apple well. So in the near future when we are using these devices to operate our home appliances, it is easier to share files, photos music, and remote signals from the same platform across all your devices.


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